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The Complete Coachella Festival Guide

Coachella 2018 Tickets

Everything you need to survive Coachella Festival this year while experience the most out of the festival. Read below to know all about it.

Are you planning to head to Coachella festival? Then you’ll be needing to find out best hotels to stay, what would be best to wear, what to bring with you and all about the festival. Well we here have made your work easier by providing a cheat sheet on everything and your every requirement. If you follow these Tips & Tricks I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun at this year’s Coachella Festival.

How to Get There:

This probably be the best to book a flight to Coachella festival. Palm spring International is the closest airport to Indio, it’ll be best to look into landing at LAX. If you still have not booked a flight than you are losing many precious hours book a ticket now it’ll save you money and as well as time or you’ll just have to rent a car then.

Coachella Map

For that we suggest you check out Expedia if you want deals on both flights and Car rentals to Coachella Festival.

Where to Stay:

If you are looking to stay near Indio, then hotel shuttles will be your best choice This way you won’t have to deal with traffic or parking. You’ll have a designated driver and probably the best accommodation.


Pay close attention to where you park while on festival. Day parking is free and is open from 9:00a-2:00a on show days. Cars left after 2:00a will be towed. There is no overnight parking other than Camping Companion Parking.

Coachella Festival Parking

And If you are not planning on staying on Coachella site or any nearby hotel then you will have to face traffic and car parking problems while driving your rental or even your own car. You can easily find general parking details here.


It may not go well with your economical budget, but the Coachella Festival offer a list of authorized cab franchises like American Can and Yellow Cab.

Lodging ideas:

Camping is the first option while staying on Indio grounds for Coachella festival. You can simply roll out of bed and attend the festival.

You can find on-site camping details from Official Coachella Website.

If you can’t get a suitable lodging area or you find it a bit expensive here are some off-site camping areas you should check out.

And if camping isn’t your thing you better hurry and book a hotel room Or you can use an alternative such as Air BNB, this site lets people list extra rooms, apartments, houses, basements, closets, bathrooms etc. and rent them out for a night, weekend or more for a range of different prices.

What to wear:

Coachella Festival attendees are the trendiest, so you better watch out what you decide to wear. Weather is also a crucial point too keep in mind while packing for Festival. Coachella is commonly blazing during the day, but it gets a lot colder once night sets, so you better prepare accordingly. Now about the basic things you’ll need are a backpack this is probably more convenient than holding or hanging a large bag on your shoulder, Pairs of comfortable shoes you’ll probably be walking a lot, a pair of shorts , A hand watch so you won’t have to worry about your mobile’s battery and still keep in track, Extra sock in case it rains , Sunglasses and a Hat.

Coachella Festival Trending Dresses

What to Pack:

You might want to closely examine what things to bring when out. Here’s a list of things we think are necessary:

  1. Water 
  2. Cash 
  3. Sunscreen 
  4. Poncho 
  5. Phone Charger 
  6. Towels 
  7. Bug Spray 
  8. Earplugs 
  9. Band-aids 
  10. Chapstick 
And don’t forget to check out for Rules and Regulations of Coachella Festival.

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Coachella 2018 Tickets

How to Maximize Fun:

Plan ahead: 

As soon as you reach the Festival get the Coachella Festival guide and make out a list of things you want to do, fix a meeting place for you and your friends your mobile phones will probably run out of battery or may have some network issues so back up like a fixed meeting place for everyone is a necessity.

Be adventures: 

You can always take chances on what you want to do than just sticking to the plan. Listen to the new bands and discover your favorites on your way.

Avoid the hottest time of the day: 

if you can bear the heat you might want to go later in the evening you will miss few songs, but you’ll be better energized at that time.

Don’t Drink too much:

Music and Drinks go well together but be careful to not overdo it or you’ll probably have to face a massive hangover.

Be Prepared: 

Coachella will be bustling with people, so you better keep track of your things it better to add name tags or some info on your items, so they can be returned.

Enjoy the Experience: 

It better to enjoy what’s happening now than keep announcing to world what you are up to. Sure, Social Media is becoming necessary in our lives but nothings better than living in the moment.

Don’t disturb others: 

It’s a public festival everyone has equal rights to enjoy themselves to best so be careful with what you do and wear, so you won’t become a hindrance in their fun.

Coachella Festival Lineup 2018:

The lineup for this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival have been revealed. Slated for April 13-15 and April 20-22, headliners for the 2018 edition include BeyoncĂ© and Eminem.

Coachella lineup

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