Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coachella 2020 Could Be Postponed Until October

Coachella may be postponed until the end of the week on October 9 and 16, respectively, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, as many people familiar with the matter have told SPIN.

On March 6, the cities of Miami and Austin canceled the Ultra Music Festival and southwest of the Southwest, respectively, due to health problems.

Representatives of the Goldenvoice promoter did not immediately respond to the SPIN request for comments.

On March 8, the first case of the Corunavirus struck the Riverside county, where Cochinilla is located. The next day, it was reported that three other people in the Coachella Valley had contracted the virus.

In recent days, a fan of Change.org has been urging Goldenvoice to cancel the festival. "As members planning to go to Coachella 2020 events, we have every right to be alerted, informed and take all precautions that the festival can offer to protect us," reads one of the parts.

Coachella has been a staple of the festival calendar. Outside of 2000, the festival has been held every year since 1999.

This year, it occupies Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean.

The festival joins a series of other rounds and cancellations due to the outbreak of the Corunavirus.

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